Saturday, September 7, 2013

Page 127 and 128

Homework assignment #3: So your assignment for today is to create a layout using a back to school or any school related photo. Here are some more ideas

This was probably my favorite event the school did.  They recreated Immigration Day for the kids.  They all dressed as their ancestors did when they came to America.  Pillowcases instead of suitcases.  They had the hallway in the school be the boat, and had the children do learning activities while they waited to enter the great hall (ok the gym) of Clark Mills School, where they went thru processing, answering questions about their heritage as they went from station to station.  After processing they sat and played cards and waited for their loved ones (classmates) to be processed.  As a group they promised to be a good American and then they celebrated with food brought in from their different heritages.  The day was long, but so glad I got to go and see my two participate in this wonderful event. 

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Cindy D said...

Great pages and love the story behind them. My great grandparents came from Sweden. I never got to meet them and unfortunately my Grampa didn't ever talk about them.