Saturday, September 7, 2013

Page 126

Here is my homework assignment #2:
I was never lucky enough to take wood shop in school, (if you did...I am JEALOUS!) but I love the look of wood grain in both paper and in embellishments. It just adds some warmth, or "cozy" to any LO in my opinion. So this class is all about using wood grain to the MAXIMUM. Here is your assignment for this class: 

*Please do a LO of your size of choice, either single or double paged.
*Please use wood grain cardstock, patterned paper, or both if you have it.
*Please make sure you use as many additional wood grain stickers/borders as you deem appropriate.
*Please use as many real wood embellishments as you deem appropriate. 

photos are of the boys in 2010 first day of camp!