Friday, September 20, 2013

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My PE homework assignment:
Up and at 'em students! Drop and give me 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, do 10 squats, touch your toes 10 times and then let's get to work! :) **You must read this entire post in a Sue Sylvester voice in your head to get it. :) 

I am here today to help you whip those sports related photos that are just laying around in boxes, or are just wasting space on your memory cards, into lean mean scrapping memories!

Now go run around the block and then read the rest of this when you get back. :) :) :)

Today for PE your assignment is: 

*Do a LO in your size of choice, either double or single paged
*Please use sports "related" photos. This can mean directly, or indirectly. Memories of a sports party, trip to your college or high school to watch your alma mater play, meeting up with a high school teammate or coach. Any of those things count as well.
*Please use any memorabilia you may have saved from the event. Tickets, party decoration, spirit wear are the kinds of things I am thinking about.
*Try to use your team colors prominently in your work.

And those are the requirements with them! ;) (remember, I am Sue, not Kathy).

I used slip and slide photos of the kids in the backyard...they just crack me up with the things they used to do.   I used a bunch of swap pieces for the elements

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