Thursday, October 3, 2013

Page 140

american Literature: 
Today's class is simple. It's about the power of a good book. If you love to read, and even if you don't, it's likely at some point in your life that an author or character in a book influenced you. 

Maybe Frodo and Sam reminded you how much you love your best friend. 

Perhaps Atticus inspired you to stand up for something that you believe in, even if it wasn't popular. 

Perhaps Bridget Jones made you laugh and give yourself a little grace. 

Did Katniss remind you what it is you believe about entertainment? 

I bet Ichabod Crane sent chills up your spine! 

And Mr. Darcy.... how many men now have to live up to his standard?! ;) 

Today's challenge is to reference a character, book, or author on a layout. You don't have to even make the layout about that book necessarily (although you can), but you need to reference it in some way. 

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