Sunday, September 29, 2013

Page 134

Class Assignment:
Good morning students!
Are we ready for class? 

Pick up those scrap supplies & let's get going!

You will need the following for this class:

-old music paper (or if you don't have any - something you downloaded from the internet, vintage...whatever, I'm easy)
-lyrics to your favorite song
-either a single photo in 4x6 or 2 wallet sized photo's that is in reference to your favorite song.
-favorite journaling pen

Are we ready to begin? Ok, let's go!

Today I want you to learn how to be comfortable with music. Think and reflect on a song that reminds you of something.
It could be anything. Your life right now, something from the past, a photo, whatever. I'm leaving that part up to you.
We're going to scrapbook using lyrics from that song. You as students are going to fall in love with that favorite song all over again by using the lyrics as your journaling.

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