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20th century history assignment:
Good Morning Students! Welcome to the 20th Century History challenge. What can I say about the advancement of technology that this timeline, highlighting many (not even close to all) significant accomplishments of our ancestors over a mere 100 years, doesn't prove? For better or worse, it is undeniably impressive. 

1903-The Wright brothers make the first flight at Kitty Hawk 
1903-The first silent movie is shown, it is "The Great Train Robbery". 
1903-The first World Series is held (Boston Americans (w) vs Pittsburg Pirates) 
1904-New York Subway system opens 
1905-Einstein proposes his "Theory of Relativity" 
1909-NAACP is founded 
1912-The Titanic Sinks 
1913-Henry Ford creates the assembly line 
1913-Personal income tax is first required in the U.S. 
1914-The Panama Canal is opened 
1914-World War I begins 
1920-Women earn the right to vote in the U.S. 
1922-Tomb of King Tut discovered 
1922-Insulin discovered 
1924-First Olympic Winter Games (Chamonix, France) 
1927-The first talking movie, "The Jazz Singer" is released 
1928-The first Mickie Mouse cartoon is seen 
1928-Penicillian is invented 
1931-U.S. gets a national anthem 
1932-Scientists split the atom 
1937-The Golden Gate bridge is opened 
1939-World War II begins 
1939-First commercial trans-atlantic flights 
1944-Ballpoint pens are introduced 
1945-The first computer is built 
1945-Microwave oven is invented 
1946-The bikini is revealed 
1947-Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier 
1947-Polaroid cameras are invented 
1948-Big Bang theory introduced 
1950-First organ transplant 
1952-Elizabeth is crowned Queen 
1953-DNA is discovered 
1955-Disneyland opens 
1955-McDonalds corp is founded 
1958-NASA founded 
1964-The Beatles invade America 
1967-First heart transplant 
1967-First Super Bowl (Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers(w)) 
1969-Neil Armstrong is the first man on the moon 
1969-Sesame Street begins 
1975-Microsoft Founded 
1979-The Walkman is intorduced 
1981-The PC is introduced by IBM 
1990-Hubble Telescope is launched into space 
1991-The Soviet Union collapses 
1993-The internet takes off 
1997-Scientists clone sheep 

To think that a mere 100 years ago most people had never even ridden in a car is mind boggling, considering at this point in time we are all sitting in different areas of the world, having on online crafting challeng together on our personal computers. Anyway, I really want to use this class to capture a piece of the 20th century for our future generations to get a glimpse of, so that is the crux of my assignment for you! 

*Please do a LO (size of your choice), which can be single or double paged. 
*Please use a photo, or set of photos, from the 20th Century (the more detailed the better) If you already scrapped all your photos from the 90’s, find an image from the internet that you’d like to document.
*Please highlight the year you are documenting prominently on the piece. 
*Please document who is in the photo and where it was taken (if you know). 

I found an older photo of our first Pit, Bandit.  Photo was from 1995 in our first house, and it was just Mark, myself and Bandit, and boy was she a spoiled little girl.

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