Sunday, January 27, 2013

Page 21

Here is my SYAO #52 ( a year of doing this
For the above I used: various sizes of hexagons including the photos (hand not so even), tags/5+ buttons and twine, paper clips, 7+ patterned paper and then I used my hexagon template and glimmer misted over the pp and I tore the edge of one paper, but not sure if that is considered I also inked the edges of the layout.

Here is the original:

moulding paste
7+ printed papers
tags, 5+buttons & twine- all 3
varied hexagon shapes including photos!
paper clips
masks/stencils & distressing (masks can be used with the moulding paste)


A little bit about me and my life... said...

go u for using the hexagons with the photo's .. nice layout :) and congrats on ONE YEAR!

Kathy said...

Great layout. I wish these challenges were a little more specific on the requirements so we weren't always guessing whether something will qualify. I'd consider tearing to be distressing, but who knows. Anyway, the inked edges do look good.

Dorothy said...

Awesome job!