Monday, January 7, 2013

Page 11

This was a double-dipped challenge.
First was my ABC for Scrappiestdisneyswaps A = Animal or Animal themed.  The challenge didn't state that animal had to be I used the towel monkey from our cruise.  I'm told by the kids that he was holding a real banana, and they ate I took their word on it...documented it that way too.  The elements were all from a swap on my group Swaps_that_work. (link on the right side if you want to join).  I made the topper and the banana...others in the group made the photomat and the journal box.

The second challenge was Twisted Blueprint from Colorful Creations.  Here is the original on that one:

here's the twist use buttons & ribbon!

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Rhonda said...

LOVE this layout, chick!