Saturday, April 28, 2012

Page 86

My adorable niece at age 2 (she is now 25...still adorable)
I doubled dipped on this one.  First was the April Sketch from FTS, which looked like:

and then from ScrappiestDisneySwaps I did the April Halfway Challenge which was:
Member’s Challenge: Halfway There - Rhonda H.
Create a layout (either single or double page) using exactly 5 of the following 10 items:
6” or larger circle
A key
Mist or paint
A punched or diecut border
Baker’s twine
A ruler/tape measure
A number
You can’t use 4. You can’t use 6. You have to use exactly FIVE and only FIVE of the design elements listed above. When you post your layout, please pop a note on the board letting us know which five you used and where!

I used: chipboard, 6" circle, misted, punched border and a number.

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