Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First ATC

I was asked by a fellow swapper to create an ATC card to trade with her, since neither one of us had ever made an ATC card, it was a real challenge.  First I researched, as I didn't even know where to begin creating an ATC card.  I learned pretty much anything goes with these.  So...I had some embossed cardstock that was just not the right size for a card front, so I trimmed it down to the correct 2.5"x3.5" for an ATC card, then I used 4 earth tone cat's eye's and altered the embossed card.  (I learned this technique in GASC, using Tim Holtz stamps and foam tool and yes...I got dirty for those that know I don't like messy things) then I also inked the string, attached it to the charm, and then glue dotted the charm to the card...easy peasy!  Now to ship it to my new friend, and wait to get hers.  I may actually join some ATC swaps now that I have a clue as to what they are...oh no...another addiction coming on...I feel it.


myladyabercrombie said...

I LOVE IT!! And I think I might be addicted too! This has been a blast. Thanks for diving into this new adventure with me. I can't wait to get my new ATC!!

BeeBeebabs said...

Such a cute card thanks for sharing!!!

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

Warm n Wonderful said...

Hmm.... I came across you blog by chance. I used to be a member of the PST yahoo group.

How are you doing Lisa?